Mladost Lucani will host Cukaricki in the Serbia Superliga on 20.11.2020. The duel will start at 17:00. So the present 11th place side is playing against the 5th. Mladost Lucani won one game in their last comparisons, Cukaricki won one game and zero matches ended in a tie.

Current statistics of FK Mladost Lucani

FK Mladost Lucani lost its last match 5:0 against Backa Topola. The hosts were able to decide 8 of their 18 games of the recent 6 months in their favour. Mladost Lucani had seven wins, one draw and one loss in their home matches. In the current season, Mladost Lucani won 71.43% (5 out of 7) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 1 times the guests took all points. Overall, Mladost Lucani has six victories, three draws und five losses after 14 season games.

More goals are scored by Nenad Milovanovic’s team after the half-time break. Mladost Lucani currently achieves an average of 1,29 goals per home game and concedes 1,00 goals. This results in a total of 2,29 goals per game. Last season, FK Mladost Lucani scored an average of 1,33 goals at home. At the same time, the team conceded 1,07 goals in front of their own fans. Home games usually ended 2:1, 2:0 or 1:0 in the previous season. The most frequent final score in their own stadium last season was 2:1, 0:0 or 0:4.

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Current statistics of FK Cukaricki

Cukaricki recently won 3:2 against Vozdovac. This season, the team has been victorious in 1 out of 6 away games so far (16.67%). Cukaricki has won eight games and lost five matches in the last 6 months, with five games ending in a draw. In games in away stadium one victory was achieved. Two matches were lost while five games ended without a winning team.

In the running season, coach Dusan Djordjevic’s team have scored an average of 1,50 goals per away game, mainly in the second half-time of the match. When Cukaricki plays in front of foreign fans, there is an overall average of 2,67 scored goals per match. Last season’s statistics show Cukaricki scoring 1,27 goals per away match, while they conceded 1,80 goals. Last last season, away matches most often ended 2:2, 0:1 or 1:3. Cukaricki’s away matches this season have ended primarily 0:0, 2:4 or 5:1.

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Upcoming Matches

After this match, FK Vozdovac, FK Napredak and FK Novi Pazar are up next for Mladost Lucani. The away team, on the other hand, will have to deal with FK Napredak, FK Partizan and FK Javor Ivanjica.

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