Tondela vs Boavista: Match preview, tips and odds

Predictions & betting tips for 07.03.2020

The Portuguese Primeira Liga game between Tondela and Boavista will take place on 07.03.2020 at 16:30. Estadio Joao Cardoso is the arena of the match taking place on Saturday. This means the currently 15th challenges the 10th. At the moment the betting providers see Tondela ahead. The best odds for a home win are currently offered by 1xBet with 2.63​​. A bet of 10€ will result in a win of 26,30€​ (which equals 16,30€ profit).

1xBet has with 2.98 so far the highest odds for a tip on an away win of the Boavista. In the former direct duels Tondela won two matches and three games was drawn, Boavista won four games.

Current statistics of CD Tondela

the CD Tondela recently lost a match 2:0 against the Guimaraes. The hosts were able to decide 5 of their 19 games of the past 6 months in their favour. In total, the Tondela has six victories, six draws und eleven defeats after 23​​ season games. The home record for the last six months shows one win, three draws and five defeats. In the current season, The Tondela won 9.09% (1 out of 11) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 6 times the guests took all points.

​In the second half time, coach Natxo Gonzalez' team is able to sore most of there goals. According to current statistics, the Tondela will score 0,55 goals in each home game and will concede 1,27 goals, which is 1,82 goals in total per game in front of their own fans. Last season the CD Tondela scored an average of 1,29 goals at home. At the same time, the team conceded 1,41 goals per home match. In front of their own fans, the team usually played 1:1, 1:3 or 1:0 last season. In the current season, the most frequent result in home matches was 1:2, 0:0 or 1:1.


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Current statistics of Boavista FC

The Boavista last lost 0:1 against the Gil Vicente. This season the team has been victorious in 4 out of 11 away games so far (36.36%). The statistics for the past 6 months show five victories, five draws und nine defeats. The Boavista managed to win three away victories. The team lost four matches in the foreign stadium and in two games the teams separated with a draw.

Daniel Ramos' team scores 0,64 away goals per game this season, mainly in the first half time. On average, 1,45 goals are scored when Boavista guest in foreign stadiums. Last season, von the Boavista finished with an average of 0,82 goals for and 1,59 against the team in in other stadiums. Boavista's away games this season end primarily with 1:0, 0:2 or 0:1.

As guests last season the team played most often 0:1, 0:2 or 1:1.

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Betting tips on Tondela vs Boavista

1,5 is the over/under average for both teams. The matching bet would be an Under 2.5, for which you currently get the best odds 1.56on 1xBet. The weak goal record of the two teams indicates a bet against both teams to score. With 1.73, betfair currently offers the highest odds for this bet.

The bookmakers think a 1:1-draw is the most likely, currently estimates the highest odds at (1xBet5.50. The second most probable for the bookies seems to be a 0:0​-draw, for which you can currently get the best odds of 6.50​ at betfair.

Upcoming Matches

In the next upcoming matches Tondela will have to deal with Benfica Lissabon, Sporting Lissabon and Deportivo Aves. After the match on Saturday Boavista FC will compete against FC Moreirense, Sporting Braga and Vitoria Setubal.