The fixture between Binacional and Sporting Cristal in the Peruvian Primera División will take place on 18.10.2020 at 01:00. The game brings together the team presently in 11th in the table against the 3rd in the table. Currently, betting providers are tending to win by . In their last comparisons Binacional has won one game and zero games were drawn, Sporting Cristal winning one game.

Current statistics of Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional

In their last game Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional lost 1:0 against Huancayo. The hosts were able to win 2 of their 12 games of the past 6 months in their favour. In front of their home fans, Binacional was able to win one game, 1 times the duel ended with a tie and three games were lost. In the current season 2020, Binacional has so far managed to win 3 out of 8 home games (37.5%). One game ended in a tie and four games were lost at home. After a total of 18 matches in the season, Binacional has six victories, five draws and seven losses.

Coach Javier Arce’s team tends to score during the second 45 minutes of the game. Binacional’s current record shows an average of 3,00 goals per home game, of which 1,38 are their own goals and 1,63 are goals scored against them. Last season, Escuela Municipal Deportivo Binacional scored an average of 2,94 goals in their own stadium and conceded 0,78 goals. In front of their own fans, the team’s games mostly finished 4:1, 2:0 or 3:1 last season. In the current season, home matches most often end 1:3, 0:1 or 2:1.

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Current statistics of Sporting Cristal

Their last match, Sporting Cristal had won 1:0 against Universitario. This season, the team has been victorious in 3 out of 9 away games so far (33.33%). The statistics for the past 6 months show seven wins, four draws und one loss. In games in away stadium three wins were achieved. Zero games were lost while three games ended without a winning team.

Roberto Mosquera’s team scores 2,22 away goals per game this season, mainly after the half-time break. When Sporting Cristal plays in front of foreign fans, there is an overall average of 3,56 scored goals per match. Last season, Sporting Cristal played away with an average of 1,06 goals for and 1,17 against in away stadiums. As the away team last season, the side’s game most often ended 1:1, 0:0 or 3:2. In the current season, Sporting Cristal’s away games mostly ended 1:1, 4:1 or 3:3.

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Upcoming Matches

In the next upcoming matches Binacional will have to deal with Club Atlético Grau, Universitario de Deportes and CC Deportivo Municipal. After Sunday, Sporting Cristal will compete against Carlos Mannucci, Club Atlético Grau and CC Deportivo Municipal.

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