Blaublitz and Fujieda meet in the Japanese J3 League on 18.10.2020. Kick-off is at 06:00. The game brings together the team now in table-toppers against the 9rd place side. Currently, sportsbooks tend to win by . In their last comparisons, Blaublitz managed to win one game, and zero games ended in a tie. Fujieda won zero games.

Current statistics of Blaublitz Akita

Blaublitz Akita won its last match 2:3 against Cerezo U23. In the recent 6 months, the home team was able to win 15 out of 20 matches. The team has had seven victories, four draws and zero losses at their home stadium. Blaublitz has managed to win 7 out of 11 home games (63.64%) in the current season (2020) so far. Four games ended in a draw and zero matches were lost at home. Overall, Blaublitz has fifteen wins, five draws und zero defeats after 20 season games. Blaublitz’ current record shows an average of 2,09 goals per match at home, of which 1,64 are their own goals and 0,45 are goals scored against them. In the current season, home matches most often end 0:0, 2:1 or 3:1.

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Current statistics of Fujieda MYFC

In their last game, Fujieda played 0:0 against AC Nagano. This season, the team has been successful 4 out of 10 away games so far (40%). Fujieda has won nine matches and lost eight matches in the last 6 months, with four matches ending in a draw. Fujieda was able to win four away victories. The team lost four matches in the foreign stadium and in two games the teams separated with a draw. On average, 3,50 goals are scored when Fujieda plays in foreign stadiums. Fujieda’s away matches this season have ended primarily 1:2, 3:2 or 3:1.

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Upcoming Matches

After this match, Fujieda MYFC, Gainare Tottori and Azul Claro Numazu are up next for Blaublitz. After Sunday, Fujieda MYFC will compete against Blaublitz Akita, Gainare Tottori and AC Nagano Parceiro.

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