Istra 1961 and Osijek meet in the Croatian First Football League on 25.11.2020. Kick-off is at 17:00. This means that the actual 10th placed team is playing against the 2nd. Currently, the betting providers are favoring an away win by Osijek. The highest odds for an away win are at the moment offered by Betway at 1.55. A tip of 10€ will result in a win of 15,50€ (equivalent to 5,50€ profit).

The best odds for a tip on a home win for Istra 1961 are currently 7.00 at William Hill. If the two teams met last, they separated in two matches with a victory for Istra 1961, five matches ended in a draw and in nine games Osijek was the winner.

Current statistics of NK Istra 1961

NK Istra 1961 lost its last encounter 5:0 against Dinamo Zagreb. The hosts have magaged to win 3 of their 20 games of the recent 6 months in their favour. The home record for the last six months shows three victories, three draws and four losses. In the current season 20/21, Istra 1961 has so far managed to win 2 out of 4 home games (50%). Zero matches ended in a draw and two matches were lost at home. After a total of 10 games in the season, Istra 1961 has two wins, two draws and six defeats.

In the second half, coach Fausto Budicin’s team is able to score most of their goals. According to current numbers, Istra 1961 will score 0,50 goals in each home game and will concede 0,50 goals, which is 1,00 goals in total per match their own stadium. A look at last season’s goal record shows NK Istra 1961 at home with an average of 1,11 goals. The average number of goals conceded in their own stadium is 1,33. Home games usually ended 2:2, 1:1 or 0:0 in the previous season. In the current season, home matches most often end 1:0, 0:1 or.

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Current statistics of NK Osijek

In their last game, Osijek won 2:0 against Dinamo Zagreb. This season, the team has been able to win 3 out of 5 away games so far (60%). Osijek has won thirteen matches and lost four games in the last 6 months, with four games ending in a tie. During that period Osijek won six away games while the team lost two games at away stadiums and three matches ended in a tie.

In the present season, coach Nenad Bjelica’s team have scored an average of 1,20 goals per away game, mainly in the first 45 minutes of the game of the match. On average, 2,20 goals are scored when Osijek plays in foreign stadiums. Last season, Osijek finished with an average of 0,89 goals for and 0,94 against in away games. Last last season, away matches most often ended 0:1, 0:0 or 1:0. Osijek’s most frequently played away 1:0, 1:1 or 2:0 in the present season.

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Betting tips on Istra 1961 vs Osijek

Considering the over/under average for both teams of 2,0 goals, an Under 2.5 goals result is likely. The best odds on the market for this bet is currently 1.80 at Betway. The bookies assume thatonly one team will score. The odds against ‘both teams to score’ are 1.75 (Betway).

The sportbooks consider a 0:1-win for Osijek’s (6.50 at Betway) to be the most likely result of the match. This is directly followed by a 0:2-the win for Osijek’s. The best odds for a bet: (7.00 at Betway.

Upcoming Matches

After this match, NK Varazdin, HNK Sibenik and HNK Gorica are up next for Istra 1961. The away team, on the other hand, will have to deal with HNK Rijeka, NK Varazdin and HNK Gorica.

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