In the French National Duchere and Sete 34 will meet on 15.01.2021 at 18:00. The actual 18th placed team meet the 13th placed team. At present, the sportsbooks are forecasting a home win for Duchere. The highest odds for bets on a home win is at 888Sport, where the odds are 2.25. If you bet 10€, you get 22,50€ back (profit = 12,50€).

888Sport has the hightest odd (3.12) so far the best odds for a an away win for Sete 34. When the two teams met last, they separated in zero games with a win for Duchere, zero matches ended in a tie and in one game Sete 34 was the winner.

Current statistics of Lyon Duchere AS

In their last match Lyon Duchere AS won 0:1 against Bourg Peronnas. The hosts have magaged to win 2 of their 17 games of the past 6 months in their favour. The home record for the last six months shows one win, four draws and four losses. In the current season, Duchere won 11.11% (1 out of 9) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 4 times the guests took all points. In total, Duchere has won 2 out of 17 season games. While it was enough to draw eight matches, seven matches ended without points.

In the first half time, coach Laurent Roussey’s team can achieve more goals on average. Duchere’s current record shows an average of 2,11 goals per match at home, of which 0,78 are their own goals and 1,33 are goals scored against them. Last season, Lyon Duchere AS scored an average of 1,67 goals at home. At the same time, the team conceded 1,25 goals in their own stadium. The most frequent scores at their home stadium last season were 0:0, 0:1 or 1:4. In the current season, the most frequent result in home matches was 0:0, 1:2 or 1:3.


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Current statistics of FC Sete 34

Their last match, Sete 34 had played 0:0 against Avranches. The team has been winning 1 out of 9 matches in away stadiums (11.11%) so far in this season. Sete 34 has won five matches and lost seven matches in the last 6 months, with five games ending in a tie. Sete 34 managed to win one away victory. The team lost seven games in the foreign stadium and in one match the teams separated with a draw.

Nicolas Guibal’s team scores 0,67 away goals per game this season, mainly in the second 45 minutes of the game. On average, 2,44 goals are scored when Sete 34 plays in foreign stadiums. Last season, Sete 34 finished with an average of 0 goals for and 0 against in away stadiums. In the current season, Sete 34’s away games mostly ended 0:2, 0:1 or 2:4.

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Betting tips on Duchere vs Sete 34

2,0 goals is the over/under average for both teams. The matching bet would be an Under 2.5 goals, for which you currently get the best odds 1.47 at 888Sport.

Upcoming Matches

After this match, US Concarneau, US Creteil Lustianos and Stade Lavallois MFC are up next for Duchere. The away team, on the other hand, will have to deal with SO Cholet, Annecy FC and US Quevilly.

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