On 18.10.2020, HB Torshavn and Vikingur will cross swords in the Faroe Islands Premier League. The referee will get the game underway at 16:00. The game pits the team presently in top team of the league against the 5th. At the moment the, sportsbooks lean towards win by . If the two teams duelled last, they separated in seven matches with a win for HB Torshavn, two games ended in a draw and in four games Vikingur was the winner.

Current statistics of HB Torshavn

HB Torshavn won its last encounter 3:0 against Skala. In the 22 games of the recent six months, the home team has managed to win 19 games. With its own fans at home, HB Torshavn was able to win nine matches, 1 times the duel ended with a tie and zero matches were lost. HB Torshavn has managed to win 9 out of 10 home games (90%) in the current season (2020) so far. One match ended in a tie and zero matches were lost at home. In total, HB Torshavn has won 19 out of 22 season games. While it was enough to draw one match, two games ended without points.

Coach Jens Askou’s team tends to score in the second 45 minutes of the game. HB Torshavn’s current record shows an average of 4,20 goals per home game, of which 3,60 are their own goals and 0,60 are goals scored against them. Previous season, HB Torshavn scored an average of 2,93 goals per home match and conceded 1,07 goals. Home games usually ended 3:0, 0:2 or 3:1 in the previous season. In the current season, the most frequent result in home matches was 3:0, 2:0 or 4:2.


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Current statistics of Vikingur Gota

Vikingur recently won 4:1 against Argir. This season, the team has been victorious in 7 out of 11 away games so far (63.64%). Vikingur has won fourteen matches and lost six matches in the last 6 months, with two games ending in a tie. Vikingur managed to win seven away victories. The team lost three games in the foreign stadium and in one game the teams separated with a draw.

Eydun Klakstein’s team scores 1,82 away goals per game this season, mainly in the first half. Overall, Vikingur scored an average of 3,27 goals per away match. Last season, Vikingur played away with an average of 2,07 goals for and 1,36 against in away games. Last last season, away matches most often ended 2:0, 1:3 or 1:0. Vikingur’s most often played away 2:1, 2:0 or 3:2 in the present season.

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Upcoming Matches

In the next upcoming matches HB Torshavn will have to deal with AB Argir, NSI Runavik and Skala IF. Next on the schedule of Vikingur Gota are matches against NSI Runavik, KI Klaksvik and KI Klaksvik.

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