Orense SC vs Emelec: Match preview, tips and odds

Predictions & betting tips for 15.02.2020

The Orense​ and ​the CS Emelec meet in the Ecuadorian Serie A on 15.02.2020. At 21:30, the referee will start the game. At the moment the betting providers are forecasting an away win for CS Emelec. 1xBet momentarily offers the best odds with a ​​2.02 for this tip. If you place 10€ you can look forward to a profit of 20,20€ (equivalent to 10,20€ profit).

betfair has with 3.80 so far the best odds for a bet on a win of the Orense. The two teams never met in the last 5 years.

Current statistics of Orense Sporting Club

In total the Orense won 0 out of 0 season games. While it was enough to draw zero games, eleven zero matches ended without points. The home record for the last six months shows zero victories, zero draws and zero losses. In the current season 2020, The Orense has managed to win 0 out of 0 home games (0%) so far. Zero games ended in a draw and zero games are lost at home.

​In the second half, coach Orly Garcia's team is able to sore most of there goals.

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Current statistics of Club Sport Emelec

The CS Emelec last won 1:2 against the Macara. In the past 6 months, the CS Emelec has won six matches, played two games that ended in a draw, and lost two matches. During that period The CS Emelec won three away games while the team lost one game at away stadiums and one game ended in a draw. Last season, von the CS Emelec averaged 1,31 goals for and 1,06 against the team in in other stadiums. As guests last season the team played most often 0:1, 2:1 or 1:2. The prognoses of the betting providers show that both clubs are trusted to score goals. The highest odds for both teams to score offerns Unibet with 1.88.

Betting tips on Orense vs CS Emelec

Considering the over/under average of both teams of 0,0, an Under 0.5 is likely. The best odds on the market for this bet is currently 11.00 at Unibet.

The betting providers consider a 1:1-draw (7.00​ at Unibet) to be the most likely result of the match. Directly followed by a 0:1​-the win for CS Emelec's Best odds for a bet: (7.00​ at Unibet.