Waldhof hosts Sport-Club Freiburg on Sunday the 13.09.2020. At 18:30, the referee will start the game of the German Cup season 20/21. This comparision is also the comparision of the managers Patrick Glöckner (Waldhof) & Christian Streich (Freiburg).

At present, the betting providers are forecasting a away win of Sport-Club Freiburg. The best odds for away to win are at the moment offered by betfair with 1.50. A bet of 10€ will result in a win of 15,00€ (equals 5,00€ profit).

If you want to bet on Waldhof, you will get the best odds 6.75 at 888Sport.

The following probabilities of the result of the duel between the two teams on Sunday can be derived from the forecasts of the betting providers: Waldhof to win 17%, Freiburg to win 71% and to 22% the matchs ends in a draw.

betting tips on goals

If you have a look at the team’s goal records you can expect goals for both teams. The best odds for both teams to score offers bet365 with 1.75. Due to the 1.55 odd, you can expect that over 2,5 goals will be scored. Bets on under 2,5 goals are currently considered less likely. The best odd on this tip is 2.4.

Betting tips on halftime

The favourite to win the first half is Freiburg. The most attractive odd on this bet is 2. Betting tips on an outsider win of the first half of Waldhof generate an odd of 6 The bookamers also expect Freiburg to win the first half and even the whole match. The best odds for this tip is currently 2.2. The most unlikely bet, according to current information, is that . The most attractive odds for this tip is currently 67.

Forecasts for results betting

For the betting providers 0:2-the win for Freiburg’s (highest odds 8.00 of betfair) is considered the most likely result of this match. Followed by 1:2-the win for Freiburg’s (The best odds for your betting tips:8.50 at bet365).

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