FC Vitosha vs Levski Sofia: Match preview, tips and odds

Predictions & betting tips for 17.08.2019

Vitosha and Levski play each other in the Bulgarian First Professional Football League on 17.08.2019 at 19:30. he match is between the team currently in 14th of the table against the 3rd of the table. So far, the betting providers consider Levski to be in the lead. The highest win for bets on away win beckons you at 1xBet, where the odds are ​​1.44. If you bet 10€ you get 14,40€ back (profit = 4,40€).

For bets on Vitosha betfair provides the best odds so far with 8.00. In the last five years there has been no encounter between the two teams.

Current statistics of FC Vitosha Bistritsa

In the last game FC Vitosha Bistritsa lost 2:0 against Dunav Ruse. The home team has won 6 out of 16 matches in the last six months. The team has had four victories, zero draws and four losses at their home stadium. In the current season, Vitosha won 0% (0 out of 2) of the matches in their own stadium. 1 times it was enough to score one point, while 2 times the guests took all points. After all 5​​ matches in the season, Vitosha now has zero victories, zero draws and five losses to their credit.

​In the first half, coach Kostadin Angelov's team can score more goals on average. According to current numbers, Vitosha will score 0,50 goals in each home game and will concede 2,50 goals, which is 3,00 goals in total per game in front of their own fans. Last season FC Vitosha Bistritsa scored an average of 2,17 goals in their own stadium and had to accept 1,00 against.In front of their own fans, the team often played 3:0, 0:1 or 2:0 last season. In the current season, home matches most often end 1:3, 0:2 or.

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Current statistics of Levski Sofia

The team has been successful 2 out of 3 matches in foreign stadiums (66.67%) so far in this season. In the past 6 months, Levski has won seven games, played four games that ended in a draw, and lost four games. Levski was able to win four away victories. The team lost one game in the foreign stadium and in three games the teams separated with a draw.

Petar Hubchev's team scores 2,00 away goals per game this season, mainly in the second half. Overall, Levski scored an average of 2,33 goals per away match. Last season, von Levski finished with an average of 1,20 goals for and 1,00 against the team in their away games. As guests last season the team played most often 1:3, 1:1 or 3:1. Levski's most often played away 2:0, 0:0 or 4:1 in the current season.

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Betting tips on Vitosha vs Levski

3,0 is the over/under average for both teams. The matching bet would be an Under 3.5, for which you currently get the best odds 1.32on 888Sport. In their forecast, betting providers tend to assume that not both clubs will score goals. The best odds against both teams to score you find with 1.74 at 1xBet.

The bookmakers think a 0:1-win for Levski's is the most likely, (888Sport​ currently estimates the highest odds at 6.25. The second most probable for the bookies seems to be a 0:2​-win for Levski's, for which you can currently get (the best odds of 6.25​ at 888Sport).